A Grammy and four Fulbrights

George Crumb, D.M.A., Annenberg Professor Emeritus of the Humanities, won a Grammy in February for Best Classical Contemporary Composition for his piece “Star Child,” on his “70th Birthday Album” (Bridge Records). Crumb won the Pulitzer Prize for music in 1968, and his piece was recorded under the baton of Thomas Conlin by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and Warsaw Philharmonic Chorus with soloists including Joseph Alessi on trombone and Susan Narucki, soprano.


This year’s crop of 700 Fulbright Award recipients includes four members of the Penn faculty. The Fulbright grants fund study and research abroad. The winners from Penn are:

David Espey, Ph.D., director, English writing program, who will do research in Japan;

Kirsten Allegra Foot, research fellow and adjunct professor of public policy, who is going to Finland;

Sharon Ash, associate director, linguistics lab, who will do research in Poland; and

Janet Marie Roberts, lecturer, University of Pennsylvania Museum, who is going to Uzbekistan.

Originally published on March 22, 2001