The envelope, please

Were trying to get over our depression that Ghost Dog didnt get an Oscar nomination for anything. Heres what the campus crowd picked as winners.

square.gifJennifer Landsidle, College 01
I thought Traffic was a very accurate portrayal of the drug world, and Im obsessed with Benicio Del Toro as the supporting actor.

square.gifJesse Rubenfeld, College/Wharton 02
Hans Zimmers score for Gladiator should win. I think its got a skillful use of the human voice as an instrument. Its got a distinct theme they synchronize words in the movie with sounds. Its just very moving overall and captures the feel of the movie.

square.gifMani Golzari, College 03
Ellen Burstyn, for Best Actress she stole every scene she was in [in Requiem for a Dream]. Her acting is very natural, not over the top like others.

square.gifMeg Sutula, Wharton 02
Traffic was really good because of the way they integrated three stories into one. The cinematography was great and the cast was incredible. I dont think they could have gotten a better lineup of people.

square.gifBen Oren, Wharton 01
Gladiator was the best movie to see more than once. I saw it six times in one weekend.

square.gifChris Moran, Wharton MBA 02
Gladiator had so much intensity. I liked the history in it and I thought Russell Crowe was awesome.

square.gifElena Bojilova, College 01
Quills should have been nominated for Best Picture, and Geoffrey Rush should win for Best Actor. It offers a profound insight to the struggles of the human soul.

square.gifPaul Delnero, Fine Arts Ph.D.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was thought-provoking: I spent the whole time wondering how they could walk up the sides of the buildings.

square.gifAmy Cohen, College 03
I liked Erin Brockovich and thought it was inspiring. Julia Roberts character is really spunky. Her clothes were a little too spunky for me, though.

square.gifZack Green, College 04
Tom Hanks is so versatile. He changed so much from the beginning of the movie [Castaway].

square.gifLacy Barron, CGS 02
Bjork should have been nominated [as Best Actress] for Dancing in the Dark.

square.gifDavid Greene, College/Engineering 02
Jeff Bridges in The Contender should win. It was a really realistic movie and he seemed to portray the character very well.

square.gifWhitney Faust, College 03
Joan Allen should win for [Best Actress in] The Contender. Shes been in a lot of good movies and hasnt been recognized enough.

Kim Vinh


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Originally published on March 22, 2001