Spring Break highlights

A beach does not necessarily a spring break make. So we asked some students, What made their spring break great?

Alas, one of the answers was unprintable. Wasnt he worried his mother would read this publication? Well we were, even if he wasnt. So we blue-penciled the hot details. After all, this is not Temptation Island. But not everybody went someplace hot, hot, hot. Some headed for the cold, cold, cold and some just headed for home, where they still found some unexpected highlights that made their spring breaks special.

square.gifPhil Winslow, Wharton 01
I went to Arizona and I hit golf balls near Charles Barkley. He is a big fat man now.

square.gifJohanna Goldstein, College 02
I basically became married with my best friend in Paris. We fought like an old couple.

square.gifRachel Belsky, College 02
I almost died on the mountain when I was skiing. It was blizzarding out, and the only way down was a double diamond, and Im only an intermediate skier. But I didnt cry.

square.gifStephanie Lemelin, College 01
I went to my best friends spring break as well as my own double the fun. We drove down the coast of Florida and camped out of my best friends car and met the most amazing people.

square.gifMichelle Cates, Engineering 02
I went home seeing my friends and family.

square.gifJeff Schoengold, College 04
Reconnecting with old high school flames.

square.gifNate Calhoun, College 01
Building a 7-foot-tall snow demon on top of a 250-foot cliff. It was visible for 30 miles around. Then some rednecks knocked it over but after a lot of people had already seen it.

square.gifEric Risi, College 04
When it was sunny enough to go to the beach for the first time.

square.gifRachael Roewe, Wharton 03
Being stuck in a snowstorm near Des Moines. My sister and I had to sleep in the car because there were no hotel rooms and we debated whether the car would stay on all night or not. We didnt know if wed get carbon monoxide poisoning.

square.gifJoel Rubin, College 03
Performing with Mask and Wig on tour. And Miami scantily clad women on beaches were a lot of fun.

square.gifJonathan Bartolo, College 03
The clubs in Miami. Every club in Miami is better than anything in Philly.

square.gifRon Lin, College 01
I did a cave dive in Honduras. Youre inside a barrier reef and its really dark. You have a flashlight. Its very surreal, like an out-of-body experience.

-Katie Claypoole


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Originally published on April 5, 2001