Penn athletes score

In an exciting year for Penn athletics, these highlights shine:

Academic all-stars

The athlete-scholar leads a dual life. Success is fueled by a competitive edge both on the playing field and inside the classroom.

The Ivy League has recognized the following students for their athletic prowess and their academic excellence:

Fall sports: Jason Feinberg (C’01), football; Henry Chen (C’01), men’s soccer; Kelli Toland (C’01), women’s soccer; Kevin Manning (C’01) and Robert Reeves (C’01), sprint football; Jodie Antypas (C’02), volleyball; Kristen Koch (C’03) and Andy Kish (C’01), cross country; Stacy Kress (C’03), golf; Amna Nawaz (C’01), field hockey.

Winter sports: Dave Klatsky (W’03), men’s basketball; Yaron Roth (C’01), men’s fencing; Jenn Capasso (W’01), gymnastics; Helen Bamber (C’01), squash; Spencer Driscoll (C’03), swimming; Brian Abram (C’03), men’s indoor track; Mike Fickell (W’01), wrestling; Diana Caramanico (W’01) and Julie Epton (C’02), women’s basketball; Kim Linton (W’03), women’s fencing.

An entire team has also won notice for its combination of athleticism and academics.

The men’s soccer team won the College Team Academic Award for its academic performance from the National Soccer Coaches’ Association (NSCAA). To be eligible for the award, a team must achieve a combined grade point average of 3.0 or better for the entire academic year.

Championship teams

Six Penn varsity teams turned in championship performances this fall and winter.

Football, 2000 Ivy League Champions; Sprint Football, 2001 Collegiate Sprint Football Champions; Women’s Soccer, 2001 ECAC Champions; Men’s Fencing, 2001 Ivy League Champions; Women’s Basketball, 2001 Ivy League Champions; Wrestling, 2001 Ivy League Champions

NCAA All-Americans

Yoshi Nakamura (W’01) and Mike Fickell (W’01), wrestling, were named NCAA All-Americans.

Ivy Players of The Year

Gavin Hoffman (W’01), football, Diana Caramanico (W’01), women’s basketball, and Mike Fickell (W’01), wrestling, were named Ivy League Player of the Year in their respective sports.

First Team All-Ivies

The following players were named to the All-Ivy first team in their respective sports:

Fall sports: Joey Alofaituli (C’01), Jason Feinberg (C’01), Ed Galan (C’01), John Galan (C’01), Gavin Hoffman (W’01) and Ben Zagorski (W’01), football; Henry Chen (C’01), men’s soccer (also named a Philadelphia Soccer 7 All-Star).

Winter sports: Lamar Plummer (W’01), men’s basketball; Brian Abram (C’01), O’Neil Bryan (C’01) and Tuan Wreh (C’02), men’s indoor track; Helen Bamber (C’01), Rina Borromeo (C’01), Lauren Patrizio (W’01) and Runa Reta (C’03), squash; Kelly Szczerba (C’02), volleyball; Diana Caramanico (W’01) and Erin Ladley (C’01), women’s basketball; Mike Fickell (W’01) and Yoshi Nakamura (W’01), wrestling.

Ivy League All-Rookie Squad

Jewel Clark (C’04), women’s basketball, and Mason Lenhard (W’04), wrestling, were named to the Ivy League All-Rookie squads in their respective sports. Lenhard also shared Ivy League Rookie of the Year honors in wrestling.


Originally published on April 19, 2001