Hot sun spots

Where is the best spot to get maximum wattage? Incoming freshmen often hear about the sunbathing scene on College Green. But some prefer a private nook, and catching some rays in the Quad certainly gets the job done for those who live right there. And who says that sunshine needs to be weather dependent? Some find it in their own disposition.

Matt Dobrin, College ’02
“It seems like there’s only really one place at all — College Green. It’s the place. It’s where I go.”

Alexandra Miller, College ’02
“Upper Quad — it’s higher [than lower Quad], more sun. Or it could be that I live there.”

Kenny Dixon, College ’02
“If there’s any patch of sunlight, it has to be the Bio Pond. I don’t know what happened to it lately [ed. note: it’ll reopen soon, folks], but when I used to have bio class at the start of the year, I’d visit it.”

Shira Robinson, College ’03
“Right in front of the library — College Green. It’s more social there; you can people-watch while you suntan a little.”

Rosemarie Mule, College ’01
“Fortieth and Baltimore is so sunny. It always tricks you into thinking it’s warm when it’s really not.”

Kojo Minta, College ’02
“Rittenhouse Square. It’s an escape from the day-to-day Penn scene.”

Alice Jones, College ’04
“The deck over McClelland [in the Quad] is the best to get sun. The sun is blocked by trees and high rises on the Green and Superblock.”

Sabrina Fenton, College ’02
“Down by the Schuylkill, Kelly Drive.”

Greg Lemarre, visiting student from Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France
“I’m an exchange student, so I don’t really know. I think this place here [Wynn Commons] is nice.”

Jonathan Strauss, College ’02
“I’m afraid of the sun, personally.”

Michelle Lieberman, Engineering ’01
“Our deck [at our house] because it gets sun for multiple hours per day.”

Maria Palomar, College ’02
“These benches [in front of Van Pelt Library] — I keep looking at those people to see if they will leave so I can face the sun better.”

Pete Minton, College ’02
“King’s Court English House — the roof there is very private and they actually have couches up there for sitting on.”

Dan Fishback, College ’03
“Sunshine? Around me.”

— Katie Claypoole



Originally published on April 19, 2001