Off-campus jaunts

The advantage of going to school in the big city is, well, the big city. We like the zoo, Rittenhouse Square, outdoor cafes, Bassetts ice cream at Reading Terminal Market, water ice from Johns at 7th and Christian, cheese steaks at Jims, Penns Landing on a beautiful spring day or better yet, when the free concerts play and, and, and it turns out thats only the beginning of whats fun in Philly. We asked around and discovered that contrary to the word on the street, Penn students get off campus and go to town. Heres what they like.

square.gifJennifer Neff, College 01
We go to Bar Noir you can dance on the tables until 3 and they have the best music.

square.gifJacqueline Sumner, Education 01
The Reading Terminal Market. You can get the best food for the best quality.

square.gifSaeko Shibayama, College 01
I like Chinatown there are good shops and I can get soy milk with tapioca bubbles.

square.gifMike Johnson, Wharton Graduate
Ocean City. The ocean feels so good in the summertime. There are lots of beautiful people down there and its a fun, good time away from the city.

square.gifKelly Swaine, College 02
I enjoy going to South Street because its different from the West Philly area. Theres a lot going on and its exciting. Its just a nice break to get away from campus every now and then.

square.gifAbi Dauber, College 01
I like to sit in coffeeshops downtown. La Colombe (on 19th and Walnut) is my favorite. I like to do work there and I figure I wont meet anyone there. The scenery helps me concentrate, too.

square.gifJustin Jiang, Law School Postgraduate
A lot of my friends live downtown, but [University City] satisfies me. Its got everything I really need here.

square.gifLauren Stakias, College 02
I go downtown a lot just to get out of the Penn bubble just walk around if its a nice day. Im at the PMA [Philadelphia Museum of Art] a lot. I love cities and the energy of them so I try to get downtown as much as I can.

square.gifAllen Shim, Wharton 02
Penns Landing. I go walk around just by the water. Its a different feel than campus
because its not urban.

square.gifGabrielle Levin, College 03
I go get food and sit in the park at Rittenhouse Square. We shop and go to dinner anything off campus.

square.gifErin Aitchell, College 03
I like to go running downtown and then shop once I get there.

square.gifChad Donvito, Wharton 01
Im a huge fan of the jazz bars, Zanzibar Blue and Chris Jazz Cafe. I get there probably two times a month, at least.

Kim Vinh


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Originally published on May 3, 2001