Top summer flicks

Although most of the summer’s blockbusters have come and gone, it’s still not too late to catch some of this season’s hits. Too many to choose from? Well, don’t despair. These Penn movie watchers can tell you the good from the bad. Oh, and while you’re pondering which summer flick to catch, don’t forget to bring extra change for the popcorn.

Wynetta Davis
Research Technician, Wistar Institute

“‘Planet of the Apes.’ It wasn’t what I thought it’d be. It wasn’t as big. I thought it was mediocre.”

Greg Schumer
Research Specialist, Wistar Institute

“‘Rush Hour 2.’ I thought it was hysterical. It wasn’t better than the first, but it was just as funny. I still think I can kick Jackie [Chan’s] booty.”

Scott Searfoss
Administrative Assistant, Institute for Human Gene Therapy

“‘American Pie 2.’ Awesome. It was better than the first because I could relate to it better.”

Roman Gorelik
Research Specialist, Wistar Institute

“‘Jurassic Park III.’ I didn’t like it. It was too simplistic. Compared to the first, I thought it was worse.”

Tracey Griffith
Social Worker, Clinical Research Management , Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

“‘Deep End.’ It’s a thriller-mystery set on Tahoe, where the scenery is beautiful.”

Joe Casertano
Valet Parker, Guest Services, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

“‘Rush Hour 2.’ I didn’t like it as much as the first. When you see something the second time, it’s more or less the same.”

Fred Hunter
Cook, Dining Services

“‘The Others.’ That was great. You have to pay attention, don’t miss anything.”

Acquanetta West
Security Guard, SpectaGuard

“‘Rush Hour 2.’ It was all right. It wasn’t as good as the first. It wasn’t as funny.”

Yvonee Millner
Cashier, Penn Bookstore

“‘The Others’ was excellent. It’s about the haunting of one particular house. There’s a surprise ending. It’s very classic in a Hitchcock sort of way.”

Tracy Pratt
Security Guard, SpectaGuard

“‘Rush Hour 2.’ I liked the part when Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan were dancing.”

Ancil George
Reference Librarian, Van Pelt Library

“I’ve only seen one movie this summer — ‘Planet of the Apes.’ I enjoyed it immensely. I’ll rent the original eventually.”

— Trinh Tran

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Originally published on September 13, 2001