Enough reality already

Survivor, Fear Factor, Big Brother, Lostwe have all heard about them. With all the attention and hype given to reality shows, youd think just about everyone would be watching them. However, that just doesnt seem to be the case here at Penn. Staff and faculty here just are not that interested in all the networks newest versions of Survivor. Why not? Here are some answers.

square.gifEthel Bernard
Museum Education, ICA

I havent watched any reality television shows. I think most of them are disgusting.

square.gifKim Gallon
Reference Librarian, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library

The whole idea doesnt really intrigue me. Its more of a performance. I dont know why people are so interested in other peoples lives.

square.gifE. Copeland
Nurse, HUP

Survivor was really good but its gotten out of control. Theres too much and it gets boring. There are too many networks trying to do too many shows. I like non-reality TV better.

square.gifKieran Diamond
Reference Intern, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library

Reality TV shows dont interest me; they bore me. Watching those other peoples lives isnt interesting to me.

square.gifStephanie Brown
Administrative Assistant, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library

It doesnt appeal to me, although I know lots of people who are interested in reality TV shows. Sometimes people are talking about the people on those shows like theyre their own friends. Its scary.

square.gifPaul Mosher
Vice Provost and Director of Libraries

I have never watched one and never will. Im not into it.

square.gifJanet Riggs
Research Staff Nurse, Presbyterian Medical Center

I dont watch themnone, zero, zip, not even Survivor. I dont like to watch things that make me tense. In my job I work with people that have real problems. When I get home I want to put things into my head that are calm and relaxing.

square.gifChenequa Green
Records Associate, Public Safety

I like some of them, not all, though. I liked Fear Factor because it was things that people really might do, like a dare. Those shows are okay when they dont go too far and when its reasonable things for people to do, not crazy things.

square.gifTristan Gibbs
Sales Associate, Penn Bookstore

I think those shows are boring. They really dont take much thought. I think theyre planned beforehand. I watched Survivor once and it seemed fake. There was too much drama.

Stephanie Steward

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Originally published on September 27, 2001