Length of leave and benefits procedure change

Two changes in the military leave policy of the University, effective Sept. 24, reflect recent changes in the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act. Human Resources tells us that some minor changes may be forthcoming as the Office of General Counsel continues its review of the policy.

Longer leave

The University grants five, not four as previously stated, years of leave without pay for faculty and regular staff members who are called to or volunteer for active military duty.

Keeping benefits

Contact the Penn Benefits Center (not the Division of Human Resources) at 1-888-736-6236 to arrange for payment of benefits during military leave if you wish to continue participation in the University medical, dental and life benefits while on leave without pay.

Steps to follow

  • Provide supervisor or department head with a copy of the military orders and determine last day of work.
  • Discuss with supervisor or department head whether any paid time off or annual military training leave will be used during the military leave.
  • Give your supervisor or department head a forwarding address.
  • Contact the Division of Human Resources, 215-898-6093, for any questions about the Military Leave Policy.
  • Notify in writing your supervisor, department head or other designated University official of your intent to return to work within 90 days of honorable discharge from active military service or within one year from active military service if hospitalized after discharge. Include in this correspondence a copy of your certification of discharge or release.

Steps for supervisors

Supervisors or department heads should follow the following steps for staff or faculty taking military leave:

  • Obtain a copy of the military orders.
  • Notify the affected employees that they are eligible for leave up to five years and determine the last day of work.
  • Discuss with the faculty or staff member whether any paid time off or annual military training leave will be used during the military leave. Determine and communicate to individual the last day in pay status.
  • Advise individual to contact the Penn Benefits Center to discuss benefits continuation.
  • Get an address from the faculty or staff members where they want essential mail sent and notify the Personnel Payroll System to change the address, employment status, reason for leave and effective date of leave.

Replacing staff

If a temporary replacement is needed, contact the Division of Human Resources, Recruitment and Staffing at 215-898-1303, or the respective school or center contact. The Provost’s Staff Conference handles faculty hiring.

For the complete policy, go to www.hr.upenn.edu/policy/policies/611.asp.

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Originally published on October 11, 2001