Lang first nurse to earn Codman

Norma Lang

Norma Lang

Norma Lang, professor of nursing, is the first nurse and woman to receive the prestigious 2001 Ernest A. Codman Award. Lang earned the honor, which is presented by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, for her work in developing a scientific system for the comparison and evaluation of nursing practices and the quality of care worldwide.

A pioneer of first quality assurance efforts in the nursing profession, Lang helped develop a standardized vocabulary and classification that can be used in both electronic and paper records to describe nursing practices in various clinical settings. Adopted in numerous countries, the international classification system is commonly referred to as the Lang Model.

The Codman Award, which previously had gone only to doctors and organizations, recognizes those who make significant advances in the quality of healthcare.

A Philadelphia resident, Lang serves Penn in various ways—she is senior research fellow in the Annenberg Center for Public Policy, senior fellow in the Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics, advisor and faculty member for the Wharton Johnson & Johnson Program in Management for Nurse Executives and head of the Penn Macy Institute to Advance Academic Nursing Practice.

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Originally published on November 8, 2001