Quad of the future

It’s never too early to let you know who the faculty masters of the soon-to-be-reconfigured Quad College Houses will be.

Come Fall 2002, the Quad will have three College Houses, not four. The new Spruce House will sit in Baby Quad and Clock Court, the new Woodland House will be located in the Upper Quad and the new Ware House will dominate the Lower Quad.

Each House will have its own courtyard, lobby, mailroom, exercise room, library, refurbished student rooms and computer lab. Individual color schemes and signage will distinguish one from the other.

What will also distinguish them is their faculty masters. Here’s who:

Arnold Rosoff will be faculty master of the new Woodland College House Fall 2002. Currently the faculty master of Goldberg, Rosoff plans to implement a media and communications program when he joins the new house.

Mark Liberman will head the newly reconfigured Ware House as faculty master Fall 2002. As Ware’s current faculty master, Liberman will help maintain the continuity of programs and staffing when the Quad completes reorganization this upcoming Fall.

Linda Brown will direct the new Spruce College House as faculty master Fall 2002. Brown, who now serves as faculty master of Community College House, will work with Spruce’s current faculty master, Helen Davies, to embrace the strength of both houses.

Public safety

Ted Batemen, M.S., has been appointed director of Fire and Emergency Services, effective Dec. 1, having served as interim director since March, when he came to Penn. Bateman came to the University after 30 years in the Philadelphia Fire Department, having held numerous high-level command positions there, including deputy fire marshall, battalion chief, department safety officer, public information officer, captain and special projects officer.

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Originally published on December 13, 2001