Human nature takes a walk

Walking east on campus, we discovered the newly paved path across Hill Field, linking 33rd and Chestnut streets to 34th and Walnut. And we’re not the only folks who discovered it. The pedestrians pictured (above) also found their way to the shortcut.

Here’s why we admired it:

One, it links 30th Street Station commuters to the campus.

Two, it’s the logical extension of Woodland Walk, and in fact follows the path of old Woodland Avenue.

Three, it makes formal an already well-traveled footpath worn into the dirt by custom and human nature.

And finally, trees that line the path promise, after growing a bit, to keep us cool and shaded in summer and to block the wind in winter.

So thanks to the people responsible for this welcoming entryway into the campus: Vice President for the Facilities and Real Estate Services Division Omar Blaik, who said, Let’s build it; recently named Interim University Architect Charles Newman, who was the principal planner; recently named Associate Vice President for Planning Titus Hewryk; and Facilities Planning and Design Manager Jim Palka.


Photo by Daniel R. Burke

Originally published on January 24, 2002