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The Oscar nominations are out, and, as always, somebody’s favorite choice for Best Picture didn’t make it onto the list. We thought we’d find lots of oughta-be Best Picture pickers among the staff of the Annenberg Center and School, but to our surprise, many of the people we asked hadn’t seen a first-run movie in quite some time. We did manage to get some nominations from those who had, though, and they’re a varied lot, though there are two clear favorites—“Memento” and “Shrek.” And here’s another request for the Motion Picture Academy on behalf of one respondent: How ’bout Brad Pitt for Best Actor?

Sonia Olivo
Box Office

“‘Shrek.’ I felt it had a lot of references to other movies, which as a kid you might not have gotten, but as an adult you did. It was extremely clever.”

Stephanie Potts
Box Office

“‘Spy Games.’” It had Brad Pitt in it. I also liked ‘Ocean’s 11.’ It [the movie] all came together. You kept guessing. It was unpredictable. And it had Brad Pitt.”

Kenneth Steif
Box Office Assistant

“‘The Mothman Prophecies.’ I really liked it. Good plot. Great acting.”

Dave Sullivan
Box Office Manager

“‘Shrek.’ It had something for everybody. I saw it, all ages would watch it. It was cutting edge. Funny as all hell. Written extremely clever.”

Ida Musemic
International Children’s Festival

“‘Memento.’ Very good movie. It’s simple. Unusual. Not a typical American movie, where you have a happy ending. The ending was unpredictable.”

John Baji
Business Administrator

“‘Harry Potter [and the Sorcerer’s Stone].’ I have read all the books. I’ve heard a lot about the movie – some good, some not so good.

Roy Wilbur
Director of Marketing

“‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch.’ It’s a great musical off Broadway. [John Cameron] Mitchell is an amazing talent. Great movie and rock musical. Great score.”

Marie Gallagher
Facilities and Events Manager

“‘I am Sam.’ Love the soundtrack. I love Rufus Wainwright. He was at the Electric Factory last week.”

Hassab Gebremedhin
Operations Assistant

“‘Memento.’ Amazing movie about a man with short term memory.”

Deb Porter
Building Administrator

“‘Monster’s Ball.’ Very good acting, good story.”

Regina Medlock
Financial Coordinator

“‘Ali.’ Based on a real-life legend.”

—Abhimanyu Prakash

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Originally published on March 7, 2002