Editor's Pick: Invasion of the giant bugs

praying mantis

The Morris Arboretum is about to be infested with ants the size of SUVs.

No, it’s not a cloning experiment gone bad. Rather, it’s the work of Long Island woodworker David Rogers, who has created 10 larger-than-life insect sculptures that will be on display at the Arboretum from April 6 to June 30.

In addition to the ants, the exhibit includes a praying mantis, a dragonfly, a honeybee and its hive, a grasshopper, an assassin bug, a ladybug and a spider with its web. There’s even a surprise in the bee sculpture: an actual working beehive, allowing visitors to catch these hard workers on the job.

The opening celebration for the exhibit, on Saturday, April 6, features a traveling bug show complete with edible insects for those interested in sampling.

— S.S.

- “DAVID ROGERS’ BIG BUGS”: Opening celebration: 1 to 3 p.m. at the Morris Arboretum, 100 Northwestern Ave., Chestnut Hill. Admission $8, students/seniors $6, children 3 to 12 $3, children under 3/Arboretum members/PennCard holders free. Info: www.morrisarboretum.org or 215-247-5777.

Originally published on March 28, 2002