Three elected to prestigious academies

Three Penn scholars have been elected to the nation’s most prestigious academies.

Robert Boruch, Trustee Professor of Education and professor of statistics, has been named a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Penn scientists Tom Lubensky and Alan MacDiarmid have been elected members of the National Academy of Sciences.

Founder and chair of the Campbell Collaboration, an international research organization, Boruch studies the effectiveness of innovations in education, social welfare and police programs.

Lubensky, co-author of “Principles of Condensed Matter Physics,” studies the theories of soft condensed matters, liquid-like materials that are used in the displays of watches and computers.

Winner of the 2000 Nobel Prize in chemistry, MacDiarmid rocked the world of conducting polymers with his research on polyaniline. MacDiarmid’s and Lubensky’s election to the NAS place them on a list of more than 170 Nobel Prize winners.


Originally published on June 20, 2002