People's Choice: Where do you park?

Parking can be a nightmare. And judging from the answers we got when we asked about the best places to park short-term on campus, most of you agree.

Many of you would rather brave a walk in the humid weather or the crowds of public transportation. But what about those times when you need to make a quick stop on campus and driving is the most convenient option?

Those at the Institute of Contemporary Art and Alumni Relations agree that meters are your best option—that is, if you can snag one. For those of you who don’t mind spending the extra buck, there’s always parking lots and garages on campus.

Gallery Preparator, ICA

“That’s a secret. Sorry.”

Exhibits Installer, ICA

“Up by Powelton Village, but don’t do it on 38th. We had a window broken there. Near the churches there’s some meters.”

Exhibits Installer, ICA

“[laughs] I don’t drive.”

Exhibitions Coordinator, ICA

“Short-term parking? What does short term mean? [For times when you need to run inside for 20 minutes] Well, these meters change all the time out here [36th between Walnut and Chestnut].”

Intern, ICA

“There’s nowhere to park. Right now I’m taking the train. When I drive, I park right outside [meters at 36th between Walnut and Chestnut] so I go down [to feed the meters] every two hours.”

Associate Director, Alumni Relations

“Thirty-fourth and Chestnut. That’s as short term as it gets I think. It’s a garage. Short term would be a meter, but really you can’t get a meter.”

Associate Director, Alumni Society, Alumni Relations

“I know it’s not behind Addams Fine Arts Hall because that’s where I got towed from. I don’t have a good answer only because I live so close that I walk so I don’t park. If I ever drive to campus, I park at meters if I can. Sometimes I’ll park in the lot that’s at 34th and Chestnut. I think it’s $10 a day.”
Clark interjected, “But you should check; it could go up.”

Administrative Assistant, Alumni Relations

“You’re asking me and I don’t drive? [“Well, what if an alum calls and asks? Are you going to tell them that?” asked Clark] No, I tell them 38th street, the garage.”

Receptionist, Alumni Relations

“I always park in one of the lots.”

— Trinh Tran

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Originally published on September 19, 2002