Models wanted, excellence a must

Your blue-ribbon coworkers deserve recognition, not to mention one of the $500 and $250 cash awards. But it’s up to you to make it happen, by throwing their names, or your own, into the Models of Excellence nomination box.

From now until Nov. 7, Human Resources’ Quality of Worklife Programs is seeking the names of staff members—individuals or teams, full or part-time—who inspire others with their hard work. Anyone may nominate candidates; staff may also recommend themselves.

Nominations require a one-sentence description of an achievement that occurred the previous academic year; a description of the standard job responsibilities of the nominee; a typewritten (no more than two pages) description of the achievement; how to reach the nominator, nominee and the nominee supervisor; and two one-page, typewritten University references, one from a supervisor of the nominee. Send it to QOWL - Models Program, 527-A 3401 Walnut/6228.

Now go get your friend a cup of coffee.

More info at or contact Marilyn Kraut at or 215-898-0380.

Originally published on October 3, 2002