People's Choice: Events galore

Whether it be a speaker, a concert or an open house, there’s always something interesting happening on campus. With this in mind, we asked some Penn staff who organize events which ones they attended and which they’d recommend. Here’s what they said.

Senior Associate Director, Wharton Undergraduate Division Office
“Just yesterday I went to both the LGBT [Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center] open house and the School of Engineering’s 150th anniversary celebration and thought that both of them were amazingly attended, especially given the weather, and just showed an example of how much the Penn community’s students, staff and faculty really do care about the different constituencies and schools and programs on this campus.”

Program Coordinator, Office of Student Life
“I go to a lot of on-campus events primarily because I produce them, but other ones that really have stood out to me recently are the organ concert that we had on 9/11 with Joan Lippincott that was at Irvine. That was a really fantastic, solemn memorial to 9/11 that a lot of people enjoyed.

“And then I have to definitely speak about the concerts at the Rotunda for the Foundation on 40th Street. Those have been drawing audiences both from West Philadelphia and from Penn. They’ve been really successful. I’m responsible for those so I have to put that in there.”

Associate Director of Student Life, Office of Student Life
Associate Director, Office of Student Life
Yesterday we were at the LGBT grand opening...

RR: amazing event, well attended, wonderfully organized, a lot of support from the community, which was totally tremendous.

VN: And at the same time, right after, we stopped by the Engineering anniversary, so that’s a perfect example of how many exciting things are happening on this campus, and we try to hit everything when we can.

Program Coordinator, Makuu
“Well, I work at Makuu, and so I’ve been to a lot of open houses. The LGBT’s open house was on the 26th on Thursday, and PAACH’s was earlier in the week. So those are sort of the major campus events I’ve been to.”

[Which event did you enjoy the most?] “All the open houses were very good, but the LGBT was...I was just very proud of them. I think that the center is a beautiful place, and it seems that they’ve moved Penn to a place that you won’t find at a lot of other schools about gay and lesbian issues.”

—Eden Lin

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Originally published on October 17, 2002