At Work With...Alice Parker and Baseemah El-Amin

At Work With...Alice Parker and Baseemah El-Amin

WHO THEY ARE: Customer service representatives, Transportation and Parking

YEARS AT PENN: Parker (right), 8 years; El-Amin (left), 14 months

WHAT THEY DO: If you’re a faculty or staff member looking to park your car in a campus garage or lot, these are the people you see first for advice on locations and rates, applications and permits. SEPTA riders who utilize Penn’s Compass discount transit pass program stop by the window each month to pick up their passes, as do students who purchase PennPass transit passes or parking permits through Campus Express.

CUSTOMERS SERVED: 1,700 Compasses are distributed each month; 6,751 students, faculty and staff have parking permits, most of which are mailed out at the start of the year.

CONTACT INFO: Phone: 215-898-8667.

Photo by Daniel R. Burke

Originally published on December 5, 2002