Sun worshippers

So finally the sun is starting to make an appearance. Don’t waste a beautiful day eating lunch at your desk. Read on for tips on where and how to catch the best rays on campus, just don’t forget to bring along your sunglasses and the SPF.

Manager, Graduate School of Education

“The roof of the GSE building is a great place. Just kidding, I try to avoid the sun at all times.”

Ph.D. candidate, Linguistics

“For purely catching rays, the most obvious answer seems to be walking up Walnut Street. The sidewalk is so white there that the glare is actually painful. I always thought they should try to make the sidewalks darker. A lot of people actually think that I am pretty mean, but I am just squinting because of the glare coming off the sidewalk.

Of course, if you want to see people enjoying the sun, you should try the little amphitheater between Houston Hall and Williams Hall. When the sun is out it looks like a seal colony there.”

Ph.D. candidate, Political Science

“Well, that depends on whether or not one is an exhibitionist. I’d suggest stripping down on the Button [Levy Park] with a bottle of Grand Marnier, a radio playing some Jimmy Buffet, and a copy of Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason.” In this way you invite any number of labels, from erratic, intellectual snob to Parrothead, all while sporting one’s own pasty, needs-desperately-to-do-more-cardio body in a bathing suit even Cher would find promiscuous—all in the quest for a collection of tan lines with a side of sarcoma. If one wishes to err on the side of licentiousness, exchange the Jimmy Buffet for some Devo.”

Housekeeper, Housekeeping

“I usually go where the squirrels are, right behind Steinberg-Dietrich. It’s shady and breezy. And I like to feed the squirrels.”

Housekeeper, Housekeeping

“I go where all the beautiful girls are at—Locust Walk.”

Research specialist, Medical Genetics

“The Button and Locust Walk. I like it because you can see all of the activities happening on campus.”

Lab research technician, Gene Therapy Program

“I go to the BioPond right by Leidy Labs. You can be close to nature in the city.”

Research specialist, Gene Therapy Program

“I like the Button just because there are so may people there.”

— Jason Bartlett and Trinh Tran

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Originally published on May 1, 2003