Talkin' justice at the NCC

This fall, “Justice Talking,” the Constitutional talk show produced by the Annenberg Public Policy Center, moves to a new, highly appropriate home—the National Constitution Center on Independence Mall.

You can be part of the live audience at the tapings of the award-winning National Public Radio program, hosted by Margot Adler and featuring the country’s finest legal minds hashing out Constitutional issues in the news. Here’s what’s on the agenda at this fall’s tapings:

- Tuesday, Sept. 30: “Under God Under Fire: Challenging the Pledge in Schools” and “Miranda Warnings”

- Tuesday, Oct. 7: “Search and Seizure” and “Exporting Democracy”

- Tuesday, Oct. 28: “Drug Testing” and “Questioning the Competence of Appointed Counsel”

- Tuesday, Nov. 18: “Military Tribunals: Secrecy for Security?” and “Trespassing in Cyberspace”

- Tuesday, Dec. 9: “Abstinence-Only Education” and “Healthcare or Hypocrisy? A Look at Patient Privacy”

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Originally published on September 4, 2003