Shops we'd like to see

The University City retail revolution begun with the University Square project is now largely complete, with just about all of the available retail space on campus filled or soon to fill with tenants.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t improve on success, though. We at the Current are sure that even the people in Business Development who guided the revolution can think of a few more merchants they’d love to see on campus if they could. We asked some of our staff for their suggestions, and they run the gamut.

Administrative Assistant, Slavic Languages

“We really need a fantastic bakery with lots of bread, really crusty bread, chocolatey delights, and plenty of cakes. The Au Bon Pain is too expensive. It would be so much better to have a mom-and-pop store. They can actually bake.”

Administrative Assistant, Germanic Languages

“A Jamba Juice like the one on South Street. I need a good smoothie and don’t want to go across town to get one. We could also use a Target on campus. I don’t know where they could build it, but I know my friends and colleagues would support me on this one.”

Postdoctoral Fellow, Abramson Cancer Research Center

“How about a Mongo. It is a Spanish clothing company and it would definitely bring a little sassiness to the campus. Penn is already a pretty stylish place, but you can always use a little more attitude.”

Security Guard, Biomedical Research Building

“I would love to see a lot more stores on the campus, but most of all a good music store. It just seems like there isn’t enough rhythm on the campus. We could use some more good vibes.”

Graduate Coordinator, Sociology

“A music store would be good. We have just about everything else. A dollar store would be fun!”

Undergraduate Coordinator, Economics

“I think we need more restaurants in this area that are more reasonable. … Except for Beijing, you don’t have a lot of choices.”

Director, Architectural Archives

“I think Ann Taylor Loft is the best thing. A lot of people say they wish there were a hardware store.”

Chief of Staff, Office of the Dean, Wharton School

“I vote for Pier 1. I’m really surprised there isn’t one.”

Special Assistant to the Dean and Director of Communications, Wharton School

“More inexpensive fast food selections. Bring back the food trucks!”

— Jason Bartlett and Heather Davis

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Originally published on September 18, 2003