Hall of Famers  


Penn has a Hall of Fame for its outstanding athletes. Why not have one for its outstanding alumni? We asked the people who work in Penn’s alumni relations and development offices, who we figured would know meritorious alums when they saw them, for nominees. As one respondent’s choice shows, you don’t have to be a big shot to be an all-star.

Audry Grill C’02
Assistant, Major Gifts

“Denise Scott Brown GCP’60,GAr’65,Hon’94. She is one of the biggest influences on American architecture. The fact that she stayed in Philadelphia as opposed to leaving makes her a very valuable alumna.”

Jennifer DeJong
Administrative Assistant, Alumni Relations

“Ezra Pound C 1905,G 1906, because of his creativity. I think that your creativity is more important than, say, being a movie star.”

Jenine McGill
Administrative Assistant, The Penn Fund

“Ed Rendell C’65, Hon’00. He was a great mayor and governor.”

Jules Spaeth
Director, Records and Gifts Administration

“P. Roy Vagelos C’59,Hon’99 and David Pottruck C’70,WG’72. Vagelos was a visionary— he came up with a cure for river blindness. And Pottruck took the Charles Schwab brokerage online.”

Chenequa Green
Records Associate, Alumni Records

“I would nominate Donald Trump W’68 because of his fame and his image as a self-made millionaire.”

Robert K. Smith
Records Associate, Alumni Records

“Chaim Potok Gr’65,Hon’83. His book ‘The Chosen’ is my number one favorite.”

Michelle Prince
Records Clerk, Alumni Records

“Doug Glanville EAS’93 of the Phillies, for staying here in Philadelphia and giving support to the community.”

Jane Rafter
Senior Alumni Associate, Alumni Records

“I’d choose philanthropist Walter Annenberg W’31,Hon’66 and Philadelphia Eagles center and linebacker Chuck Bednarik Ed’49.”

Johnnie Pope
International Records Associate, Alumni Records

“Sadie Alexander Ed’18,Gr’21,L’27 was the first black woman to graduate from Penn Law School. I would also pick Congressman Chaka Fattah GPU’86 and WCAU-TV news anchor Renee Chenault L’82.” [Fattah and Chenault are married to each other.]

Deirdre Gillin
Assistant Director, The Penn Fund

“Delceta Taylor C’02. She’s my office mate and my working buddy. She’s my hero.”

— Jamal Shareef and Sandy Smith


Originally published on April 29, 2004