Masters and majors


Included in this special report:

Dining/40th Street continues its bid to become a hot dining destination.

Academics/New degree programs from cinema to computer games.

Wellness/Pottruck introduces Pilates and other options outside the gym.

Neighborhood/An image makeover for the special services district.

Buildings/Construction projects continue, and this fall sees the completion of two major buildings.

Networking/Wireless service continues to expand around campus.



Sparkling new buildings and restaurants and the 2,450 fresh-faced members of the Class of 2008 aren’t the only new aspects of campus life this fall. Here is a sampling of some of the new programs and initiatives designed to enrich the academic life of the Penn community:

Two new degrees, GSE
GSE has expanded its education research program to include two new degrees in statistics, measurement and evaluation. The one-year Master of Science in Statistics, Measurement and Research Technology and the Master of Philosophy in Policy Research, Evaluation and Measurement are designed to help prepare future education professionals for mid-level careers. The Master of Science focuses on areas of test construction, statistical analysis and reporting and survey design, while the Master of Philosophy focuses on controlled field trials and statistical analyses.

Cinema Studies, SAS
This new major allows students to critically study not only the craft and process of filmmaking, but also the history and aesthetics of contemporary and international work. Led by Timothy Corrigan, a professor of English and Cinema Studies, the program will offer classes on screenwriting, American independent film, contemporary film theory and world comedy cinema.

Computer Graphics and Game Technology, SEAS
This master’s program in the department of Computer and Information Science exposes students to groundbreaking animation and graphics technologies, develops entrepreneurial engineering skills and prepares them for careers in design, animation and game programming. Some students will build on skills they acquired in the affiliated Digital Media Design undergrad program. Specialties are offered in areas such as art and animation, creative design, animation and simulation technology, human/computer interfaces and production management.

Continuing Nursing Education, SON
Now there are four more ways for nurses to expand their expertise. The School of Nursing is offering working professionals certification in a nursing specialty through four different programs: palliative care, forensic nursing, oncology or nursing leadership for nurse managers. Students can take classes either for a continuing education certificate or for non-credit.

Originally published on September 9, 2004