At Work With...Fran Murray

Fran Murray

WHO HE IS: Equipment Manager, Penn Athletic Department


WHAT HE DOES: Murray is either directly or indirectly in charge of outfitting and equipping every athlete on every Penn team that takes the field. That means he’s almost always up to something: ordering equipment, fixing equipment, laundering uniforms—or whatever else it takes to keep Penn athletes happy. And with just about every sports team now engaged in year-round training of some kind, “the teams are always in need of something,” says Murray.

IN DOLLARS, HOW MUCH EQUIPMENT A PENN FOOTBALL PLAYER NEEDS ON GAME DAY: “I would say about $1,000 worth,” Murray says. In his time at Penn, Murray has seen the sports equipment business change dramatically. It used to be that every Penn athlete basically wore the same athletic shoe. Today, the options are endless, he says, and the athletes expect the best. At Penn, they get it, he said. “This is basically an NFL-style operation.”

CONTACT INFO: 215-898-2821

Originally published on October 7, 2004