Vaccine shortage puts Penn flu shot program in doubt  

As you’ve probably heard by now, the flu vaccine is in short supply. Because of the unexpected shortfall, Penn may or may not run its flu shot program this year. As more information becomes available, Penn’s Human Resources department will keep our community updated.

Along with the announcement, the CDC issued recommendations about who should be given priority for flu vaccinations this season ( If you meet the high-risk criteria, you may want to seek out other options for getting a flu shot, such as working with your doctor’s office. However, as the shortage is nationwide, other sources may be hard to identify.

Given the uncertain situation, it makes sense to arm yourself with information. Penn’s Health System website contains several articles about colds and the flu, including tips for prevention and treatment:

The Human Resources website also contains health and wellness articles from Independence Blue Cross that you may find useful. Go to, and scroll down to newsletter articles from Fall 2003, titled “Cold and Flu” and “Hand Washing.”

Updates on the flu shot situation will be posted on the Human Resources website at If you have specific questions, contact HR at or 215-898-5116.

Originally published on October 21, 2004