At Work With...Jeff Barta

Jeff Barta

WHO HE IS: Director of Sales and Marketing, Conference Services


WHAT HE DOES: Barta works to attract organizations to Penn for their conferences. The events are wide-ranging in focus, though all have an academic flair.

HOW HE FEELS ABOUT HIS JOB: “I love it,” he says. His favorite part of the job is the wide range of people that he meets and programs that he plans—Barta says each one is interesting in its own way.

BUSIEST TIME OF YEAR: Because conference services hosts anywhere from 100 to 200 events a year, the department is always busy. Barta handles the “broader perspective” and passes down the remaining tasks to his colleagues. With only seven people in the department, though, work is always in progress.

CONTACT INFO: 215-573-8626 or

Originally published on November 18, 2004