At Work With...Robert Chaney

Robert Chaney

WHO HE IS: Registrar and Exhibitions Coordinator, Institute of Contemporary Art.


WHAT HE DOES: As a registrar, he handles loan agreements, shipping, insurance and condition reports for works of art that will be on exhibit at ICA. He’s also the primary person in charge of caring for works while they’re in the museum’s possession. As exhibitions coordinator he works with the curators and preparators to make the artistic concept of each exhibition a reality.

BIGGEST CHALLENG YET: “An artist a couple of years of ago wanted to suspend a disassembled VW Bug from the ceiling. We ended up buying the car in Mexico City. Then we had to devise a method for hanging it from the ceiling.”

WORDS TO WORK BY: “Do we have the manpower, the time, the money? How far can we push this without doing significant damage to the space?”

Originally published on December 9, 2004