At Work With...Richard Cherry

Richard Cherry

WHO HE IS: Bus Driver, Transportation Services

YEARS AT PENN: 32, through not all as a driver. Cherry has also worked for Housekeeping and in the Automotive Shop.

HIS ROUTE: Cherry drives the eastbound PTS shuttle, starting at Moravian Café on Walnut Street, up to 38th Street, over to Spruce Street and into Center City. He then loops back around, from South to Walnut, ending up back in University City.

NUMBER OF PASSENGERS: On a typical shift, Cherry drives six to seven loops around the route, picking up about 35 passengers each time. In a seven-day period, he carries about 1,500 people on his bus.

BUSIEST TIME: “During high-peak time,” says Cherry, “from 6 to 8 [p.m.]. As you know, when the exams and testing are going on, our ridership increases.”He also expects an influx of riders during any sort of inclement weather, be it rain or snow.

TO CONTACT: For schedules and information, call 215-898-RIDE or go to:

Originally published on January 13, 2005