At Work With...Scott McNulty

Scott McNulty

WHO HE IS: Information Technology Support Specialist at the Wharton School


WHAT HE DOES:McNulty keeps the computers at the Wharton School running smoothly. He takes care of the servers, maintains web sites and, more often than not, helps his coworkers with their email problems. ìWe have a lot of Outlook questions,î McNulty says, ìThatís pretty high up there.î

PC OR MAC?: McNulty is an Apple fanatic. So itís just his luck that the computers he helps maintain arenít his beloved Macs. ìIíve been trying to [get Macs here],î he jokes, ìbut thereís been a large capital investment in PCs.î

HE'S A BLOGGER: Befitting his techie background, McNulty is a blogger. His personal web site tracks, well, his own life. Somehow, he says, the site has found a fan base. ìAt the moment, the biggest topic is my search for new glasses,î he says. ìIt is much more popular than it has the right to be.

Originally published on June 9, 2005