Jane Fonda to speak at bookstore


To some she’ll always be Barbarella. To others she’s the original guru of “go for the burn” aerobics. From sex kitten to fitness fanatic, Jane Fonda has been in the public spotlight for four decades, attracting attention as much for her activism and her husbands—Roger Vadim, Tom Hayden and Ted Turner—as for her acting.

On April 20, Fonda will stop in at Penn Bookstore to talk about her new memoir, “My Life So Far,” and sign copies of the book.

Now 68, Fonda has said in interviews that she feels she finally has some insight into the well-publicized struggles of her personal life, including the “disease to please” that made her change like a chameleon to suit the different men in her life.

As well as exploring her three marriages, Fonda takes the opportunity to talk—at length—in her book about the “two minute lapse of sanity” that led her to pose at a North Vietnam antiaircraft gun site during the Vietnam War, creating yet another persona, “Hanoi Jane,” she’d just as soon leave in the past.

Though Fonda recently returned to the big screen after a 15-year absence—in the universally panned “Monster-in-Law”—for movie buffs she’s best remembered as Bree Daniels, the New York call girl in “Klute,” for which she won an Oscar in 1971. In another memorable role she played the daughter in “On Golden Pond” opposite her real-life father. In many ways, she writes in her book, that experience reflected the painful personal dynamic between herself, a daughter still seeking approval in her 40s, and her very emotionally distant father.

In dozens of other roles, including “Coming Home,” where she won her second Best Actress Oscar, Fonda established herself as a successful and respected actress—family and personal baggage notwithstanding.We anticipate a big turnout for Fonda, so plan to arrive early.

Jane Fonda will speak at Penn Bookstore on April 20 at 12:30 p.m.

Originally published on April 13, 2006