Philadelphia Community Acupuncture


THE BASICS: Founded in 2007, Philadelphia Community Acupuncture (PCA) features low-cost acupuncture treatments in a peaceful, community-orientated setting. PCA is located on the third floor of the firehouse at 50th Street and Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia, above the Satellite Cafe, Firehouse Bicycles and the Dock Street Brewing Co.

AFFORDABLE TREATMENT: Co-owners Korben Perry and Ellen Vincent are working to make acupuncture both attractive and affordable for as many people as possible. Instead of treating a small number of patients for a substantial fee, Perry, Vincent and the other acupuncturists at the center treat many patients at low cost. PCA has a sliding-scale fee structure of $15 to $35 per session. “We don’t care what your income is,” says Perry. “It’s ‘pick-what-makes-sense-for-you.’” Vincent agrees: “When you make acupuncture affordable and accessible, people are able to come back.”

TREATING ‘ANYTHING’: People come to PCA for a wide variety of ailments, from insomnia, back problems and respiratory illness, to digestive issues, menstrual cramps, anxiety and depression. Says Perry: “People want something that works and that they can trust. We like to think we have something that offers both of those things.”

FOSTERING COMMUNITY: PCA is part of the Community Acupuncture Network, a worldwide organization dedicated to making the practice more accessible and affordable. Acupuncture at PCA takes place in one room, so people receiving treatment are sitting in comfortable reclining chairs next to or near other people. “You’re not alone with your diagnosis,” says Perry. “You are one of a community of people who are getting better.”

PEACEFUL SPACE: The PCA is housed in the former headquarters of PhillyCarShare. Before PCA moved in, the space was divided up by cubicles and had computer wires snaking everywhere. But the infrastructure of the space was, in Perry’s words, “really stellar.” The high ceiling, exposed brick and dark wood beams create a warm and peaceful space, with 15 reclining chairs in the treatment area.

NERVOUS ABOUT NEEDLES?: Most people have heard about acupuncture and know someone who’s benefitted from the practice, Vincent says. Any nervousness usually subsides when people enter the treatment area and see patients sitting peacefully or sleeping. “It’s a really relaxing experience,” she says. “Most people are here for an hour and are getting to take time for themselves.”

MORE INFO: For more info, including hours of operation, visit or call 215-729-2995.

Originally published on October 14, 2010