Does Penn offer career development for managers?

Dear Benny:
I am the manager of my department and I would like to find a convenient and free way to enhance my skills. My main goal is to foster a positive and productive work environment for my staff. Does Penn offer any programs or resources to help managers develop professionally?
—Mastering Management

Dear Mastering:
It’s always a smart career move to enhance your professional skills. Penn’s Division of Human Resources Learning and Education Department offers a program called Essentials of Management that is customized for new managers as well as experienced managers who are new to Penn.

Designed to help you excel in your job, the program offers tools and information that will help you assess your current skills and acquire new ones. The program consists of multiple sessions that are offered over a five-month period and require about 30 hours of participation. If you decide to enroll, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in a 360-degree feedback process that will provide valuable insight into your current skills. You’ll discuss the results with a professional performance coach, and you’ll be part of a cohort of fellow managers who can provide peer experience and support.

Topics covered in the program include effective management principles, communication, safety and creating a respectful workplace. You’ll learn from experts in a variety of human resource subjects and participate in a simulated interviewing and hiring process. You’ll even have the opportunity to participate in an off-site session at Penn’s Division of Public Safety that teaches you how to foster a safe work environment for your staff.

The next class begins on Jan. 11, 2011. For more information about the program, visit the Human Resources website at and select “Management” from the “Browse By Category” menu. You can also contact Learning and Education at 215-898-3400 for more details.

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Originally published on November 11, 2010