Sylvester Broxton

Sylvester Broxton Photo credit: Mark Stehle

WHO HE IS: Parking attendant/groundskeeper at Penn’s School of Veterinary Medicine


WHAT HE DOES: If you’ve ever needed to bring your pet to the Ryan Veterinary Hospital, chances are you’ve seen Broxton (at right). He greets hospital visitors, directs them where to park their cars and if need be, a great listener. Broxton also assists owners in transporting their pets from their vehicles to the hospital and will even call for doctors to bring out gurneys for ailing animals.

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING: Broxton says some owners bringing their sick animals to the hospital are worried and anxious as they pull down the drive. “I give them a joyous greeting until I see how they’re feeling,” he says. “ Not everyone coming here is happy. I adjust to their circumstances.”

A PEOPLE-AND-ANIMAL PERSON: Broxton says he’s in the right place—he loves both people and animals. “It’s just my makeup. This is the perfect job for it.”

Originally published on April 10, 2008