Peggy Dever

Kathy Wohlschlaeger Photo credit: Mark Stehle

NAME: Peggy Dever


WHO SHE IS: Hard Surface Custodian, Housekeeping
What she does: “We clean up and empty trash. I have a certain area, Levy Park and Wynn Commons.”

WHY GOOD WEATHER MEANS MORE WORK: “When you get a nice day you get a lot of trash. People enjoy being out.”

WHY DEVER DOESN'T MIND: “I do like the spring. There are lots of big events—the Penn Relays, graduation, all the parties the schools have. It’s very, very busy… I enjoy the outside and just watching the people. At 10 of the hour they all change classes.”

ON BEING THE ONLY WOMAN IN A 23-PERSON CREW: “All the guys are very nice to me, very helpful. In general, we are a helpful group to each other. All the guys are good workers.”

Originally published on April 12, 2007