Brian Caputo

Brian Caputo Photo credit: Mark Stehle

WHO HE IS: e-Commerce Project Coordinator, Purchasing Services

TIME AT PENN: 3 years

WHAT HE DOES: Caputo takes care of upgrades for the Purchasing financial system and makes sure the Penn Marketplace portal runs smoothly. He also runs a ton of reports to pinpoint trends and find out what’s selling around Penn.

THEN AND NOW: With a background in computer science, the Philadelphia native used to be on the other end of where he is now—as a supplier who worked with Penn. He had worked at another company, but when the chance to work at the University opened up, he jumped. “I really enjoy the people here, the environment here, not just in Purchasing, but within the University. They’re warm and receiving most of the time,” he says.

A TECHIE AND PEOPLE PERSON: Caputo says there’s no doubt he’s a tech guy—but one who relishes the personal customer service touch. “When I get an automated menu [when I call a business], I always press ‘0.’ I want to talk to somebody,” he says. “That’s the way I like to treat people, too.”

SLOWER PACE?: Sure, but Caputo doesn’t mind. “I think it’s a quality of life thing for me,” he says about working at Penn. “People are nicer.”

Originally published on October 18, 2007