The Penn Band & John Philip Sousa

The Penn Band & John Philip Sousa

Photo credit: University Archives

He was America’s “March King,” so it was only fitting that John Philip Sousa paid several visits to the well-regarded Penn Band back in the day.

Sousa actually conducted the band a few times, including the performance pictured here, on the Quad, on Nov. 21, 1930. Though the famed bandleader conducted the Penn Band through his own compositions, he also led a performance of “The University of Pennsylvania Band March,” composed by Roland F. Seitz. Afterwards, Sousa was quoted as saying: “That is one of the best band marches, aside from my own productions, I have ever conducted.” In fact, Sousa was so impressed by the Penn Band that, at a luncheon in his honor after the performance, he suggested commemorating his next march to the musicians. Before this could happen, however, he died after a band rehearsal in Reading, Pa. The last composition he ever led? His very own—”The Stars and Stripes Forever.”

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Originally published on November 1, 2007