Women at Penn

women at Penn

Penn provides equal opportunities for both men and women—executive, administrative and academic—but this was not always so. The University operated for more than a century before women were allowed to enroll, and then another half century before women became ull-fledged members of the Penn community.

The University has come a long way since those days. Today, not only is Penn’s President a woman, but women hold several other high-powered positions such as general counsel and chief investment officer. They also make up more than half of the student body.

In this edition of By The Numbers, we look at women at Penn.

52.8 Percent of all students currently enrolled who are women.

1952 Year in which Katherine Elizabeth McBride became Penn’s first female Trustee.

24 Age of Anna Lockhart Flanigen when she became one of the first two women to attend Penn in 1876.

1943 Year in which Althea Kratz Hottel was appointed Dean of Women, the first Penn woman to serve as dean.

$125,000 Annual expenditures managed by Jean W. McPherson when she served as Superintendent of the Hospital and Directress of Nurses in 1901. She was responsible for one of the largest budgets and payrolls on campus.

1924 Year in which the Women’s Student Government Association began publishing The Bennett News, a women’s student newspaper (the DP staff was men-only).

0 Number of women who had served as president of an Ivy League institution before Judith Rodin became Penn’s President in 1994.

Originally published on March 4, 2010