Living on your own at Penn

pile of laundry

Many Penn freshmen are getting what may be their first taste of independence, living miles or even oceans away from home. Mom and Dad may send the occasional care package (fewer and fewer as the years go by), but for the most part, the young men and women are on their own.

In this edition of By The Numbers, we offer tips for living independently at Penn.

20 Maximum hours per week that work-study students are allowed to work when classes are in session. Students may not exceed two work-study jobs at any given time.

420 Number of dining hall visits, along with $300 Dining Dollar$, that students get per year through Penn Dining’s Red Plan. Students can use these visits at 1920 Commons, Hill College House or Kings Court English College House.

0 Number of people the Division of Public Safety says students should let “piggy-back” (follow them) into a building. If a person is allowed in a building, he or she will have a PennCard.

24 Hours, per day, that the Fresh Grocer at 4001 Walnut St. is open for business.

$5 Minimum monthly balance required to maintain a savings account at the Student Federal Credit Union at Penn.

3-plus Number of unpaid parking or red light tickets that make a vehicle eligible to be booted by the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

$2 Base fare to ride a SEPTA bus, subway or trolley. (SEPTA does not give change).

Originally published on September 16, 2010