Penn a top destination for international higher education students

Penn continues to be a top destination for foreign students seeking higher education in the United States.

In a new report from the Institute for International Education, Penn ranks fourth among doctoral institutions in the percentage of its student body that comes from outside the country. The figures are for 2008-09, the most recent academic year for which information is available.

According to IIE, the number of foreign students in the U.S. in 2008-09 reached a record high of 671,616. Penn was the destination of 4,635 students from 128 countries, making up 19 percent of the student body. China and India each supplied almost 16 percent of Penn’s foreign students, South Korea 13 percent, Canada 7 percent and Taiwan almost 5 percent.

"This report highlights Penn’s belief that the best educational institutions of the 21st century must pursue intellectual excellence on a global scale,” said Penn President Amy Gutmann. “Penn is proud to be the university of choice for so many of the top students from around the world.”

“The Office of International Programs works closely with Provost Vincent Price and the deans from our 12 schools to ensure that Penn is able to recruit the world’s top students and research scholars to our programs," said Anne B. Waters, Executive Director of International Programs. “The numbers tell only part of the story. International students are a core part of our campus and bring valuable perspectives that enrich our intellectual life and strengthen our community. This year’s ranking is further proof of our commitment to global engagement,” she said.

Originally published on Nov. 17, 2009

Originally published on November 17, 2009