Penn Vet extends exclusive pet services to University faculty and staff

Penn Vet Community Practice Veterinarian Michael Moyer, the Rosenthal Director of Shelter Animal Medicine at Penn Vet and head of Community Practice, gives a dog a checkup, with assistance from a student.

Penn Vet’s Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital is one of the busiest veterinary teaching hospitals in the country with more than 31,000 small animal patient visits each year.

Now, the sole veterinary hospital in the region and one of the top veterinary schools in the country is unveiling a new service available exclusively to Penn faculty and staff. All University employees can enjoy the benefit of the Community Practice at Penn Vet, a first-of-its-kind program offering the most popular general wellness services for dogs and cats.

Veterinarian Michael Moyer, the Rosenthal Director of Shelter Animal Medicine at Penn Vet, is leading the program. Second- and fourth-year students will offer wellness checkups, spay and neutering services, vaccinations, specialty referrals and more. The program not only provides employees with a renowned veterinary clinic close to work, but also equips students with the necessary skills to complete their veterinary education.

“We are happy to extend this benefit of Penn employment by offering wellness pet examinations and vaccinations through the Community Practice at Penn Vet,” Moyer says. “Our fourth-year students and second-year students will gain clinical, hands-on skills while providing excellent care for your furry family members.”

The program is currently open only to canine and feline companions. (The Special Species section at Penn Vet can handle other animals.) Services are moderately priced and most pet insurance policies are accepted.

Clinics are scheduled for Tuesday afternoons from 3 to 7 p.m. and Wednesday afternoons from 2 to 6 p.m. Stay tuned, as hours may be extended -- and a drop-off service could be instituted -- if the program proves popular.

For more information, call the Ryan Veterinary Hospital Appointment Desk at 215-898-4680.

Originally published on June 24, 2010