Food Week at Penn explores more than just eating

Penn students at salad bar

This week, Penn students are doing much more than just eating food. They’re also talking about food-related issues, from sustainability to nutrition.

The events are part of “Food Week: Eat to Live,” sponsored by the University’s food service management company, Bon Appétit at Penn Dining. Events include a Feb. 3 dinner and conversation, “Mind the Food Gap,” bringing together various members of the community around issue of food justice. A Sustainable meal will be served at the event.

Later in the week, the Penn community can learn about nutritious eating from a dietician and take a tour of the Bon Appétit kitchen. There also will be will be a screening of Robert Kenner’s Oscar-nominated film, “Food Inc.”

For more information, including a list of specific event locations and times, visit the Penn Dining website:

Originally published on February 3, 2010