Athletes with smarts

Academic All Ivies have it all - brains and brawn. The Spring 1998 group of 10 - five women and five men selected for the academic excellence and their athletic skills - includes Lara Afanassiev, tennis; Urs Baertschi, tennis; Julia Denisenko, track and field; Russ Farscht, baseball; Stephanie Harrington, rowing; Katy Miller, lacrosse; Lauren Mishner, softball; Matt Pagliasotti, track and field; Tom Rymes, rowing; Joe Siedlecki, lacrosse. Pictured are a few of the Academic All Ivies from the fall and winter as well as spring of the 1997/98 school year: (bottom row, from left) Denisenko; Miller; Amy Johnson, field hockey; and K.C. Potter, volleyball; and (top row, from left) Lizzie Jacobson, gymnastics; Mishner; Margo Katz, fencing; and Farscht.While Academic All Ivies must have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average and be either a starter or key reserve on a varsity team, three of the Spring group had G.P.A.s in excess of 3.6.

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Originally published on December 3, 1998