What we want for the holidays

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want." No, it's not the Spice Girls - they're so five minutes ago. But that question was on our minds as we enter another frantic, spendthrift holiday season. Of course, answering it is not always an easy task, but our reporter on Locust Walk did manage to find out what a number of you really, really want for the holidays.

  • Daniel Fraidstern, College, Class of '00
    "I want any of my ex-girlfriends to take me back, and I want world peace for my brother. Besides that, I want the Quakers to win the rest of their basketball games this year and to pass astronomy."

  • Mahesh Swaminathan, Engineering, Class of '99
    "A camera."

  • Stephen Erdman, Engineering and College, Class of '01
    "Besides someone to hold me and tell me that everything's going to be all right, I'd also like a car. I'm expecting a bunch of CDs, some assorted computer junk, a couple of books and some clothes. That's my holidays."

  • Rachel King, Engineering, Class of '99
    "I want a job offer from a really cool company in Philadelphia so I can stay here when I graduate. I'd like Penn to win the conference in basketball. And I want a SunSparc for my room."

  • Natasha Williams, College, Class of '02
    "A car with a bow on top, or a big fat check. Actually, how about a raise?"

  • Stephanie Roth, Wharton, Class of '99
    "I would like a job - in equity research in Boston or London that pays really well and allows me to work for a well-respected firm thereby enabling me to get into the grad school of my choice in a couple of years. That's not too much to ask, is it? In addition, I would like for my best friend to end her engagement."

  • Jennifer F. Estaris, College and Wharton, Class of '99
    "A few playstation games, a pokemon pikachu (stuffed animal), and a nice $50,000 a year base salary IT job."

  • Hillary Aisenstein, College, Class of '99
    "Someone else to write my thesis. The reason should be obvious."

  • Christopher Wallgren, Engineering, Class of '99
    "I want my grad school tuition paid for!!! A new computer would be nice too."

  • Terence Cho, College, Class of '99
    "To get into a good grad/law school, so I can stop worrying about it during my senior year."

  • Stephen FechHeimer, Wharton, Class of '00
    "I need money to pay tuition."

Next Issue - Our reporter on Locust Walk wants to know our New Year's resolutions.

-Nicole S. Ovadia

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Originally published on December 3, 1998