Pennsylvania Punch Bowl

Pennsylvania Punch Bowl
Photo credit: University Archives

Since 1899, the writers at the Pennsylvania Punch Bowl have been tickling the funny bones—and sometimes offending the sensibilities—of faculty, students, staff, alumni and anyone else who may read it. This humor magazine, founded by members of Mask and Wig, is one of the oldest college humor publications in the United States, and through the years, has satirized everything from the Vietnam War to the University’s newspaper of record, the Daily Pennsylvanian.

You won’t find an illustration like this one above (from 1901), in today’s Punch Bowl. Instead, in most recent edition, there’s a handy “Guide to Life at Penn” and a collection of fake Penn admission essays. To check out this and more recent editions, visit the Punch Bowl website at

For more on this and other notable moments in Penn history, go to the University Archives web site at

Originally published on September 18, 2008