Snow day at school? Use Penn’s Snow Day Child Care

Snow Day Photo Credit: Scott Spitzer

Some schools in the Philadelphia region can close hours before the first snowflake even touches the ground, but Penn very rarely shuts down due to inclement weather, leaving many parents or guardians scrambling to find a babysitter for their children.

The University offers a solution to its employees’ childcare needs right here on campus. The Division of Human ResourcesSnow Day Child Care program offers daycare for the children of Penn faculty and staff. The child care is provided at the Penn Children’s Center, the University’s licensed daycare center in the Left Bank Commons, 3160 Chestnut St.

Penn employees who sign up for the program can use it as needed for each school snow day from December through April. The Center is open from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. and accepts children ages 3 months to 12 years. Seventeen families have used the snow day service since the first major storm hit the city in December.

“We have people who use it for just one part of the day, for example, if they have a morning meeting they need to get to,” says Natalie Subeh, executive director of the Center.

Pre-registration is required for Snow Day Child Care. Parents or guardians can sign-up online at and return the application to the Children’s Center. Students attending schools outside the School District of Philadelphia are also welcome to register. Registration forms will not be accepted on the day that care is needed.

Fees for the service are based on salary, the age of the children and the number of children who will be placed in childcare. For an employee earning less than $60,000, the rate is $15 per child for school-age children, and $20 per day for preschoolers. For faculty and staff earning more than $60,000, the rate is $25 per child for school-age children and $35 per day for preschool children.

For more information, contact the Penn Children’s Center at 215-898-5268 or email


Originally published on February 10, 2011