Penn Sports Network offers live-streamed University athletic events

Penn Sports Network

The Penn Sports Network, an online sports center operated by Penn Athletics, was launched in 2007 to offer Quaker fans, foreign and domestic, unparalleled access to all 33 varsity sports at the University, and exclusive live audio and video streaming of Penn athletic events.

The Sports Network was re-launched this year with upgraded equipment, allowing for live broadcasts in high definition, as well as with additional content, such as prerecorded coach shows.

A subscription-based service, the Network offers live-streamed athletic events in packages of one month ($9.95), four months ($29.95) and twelve months ($69.95).

The subscription pertains to live-streamed events only. The coach shows and other on-demand programs can be viewed online at any time for free.

Dan Fritz, broadcast coordinator at Penn Athletics, says fall sports streamed on the Network include football, sprint football, field hockey and volleyball.

“Pretty much if it’s played in Franklin Field or The Palestra,” the sport will be showcased on the Network, he says.

Winter sports on the site include basketball and wrestling.

“As we’re turning towards spring, we come back outside, for the most part, for men’s and women’s lacrosse and we are going to expand a little more into baseball, as far as live-streamed events, and that could vary between video and audio,” Fritz says.

Anyone with access to the internet can view the Network. Fritz recommends that users make sure that they have any essential media player upgrades before logging on.

The Network’s most recent endeavor is “The Red and Blue Review,” a 10-minute recap of the previous weekend in Penn Athletics. Fritz says the “Review” includes all Penn sports from the weekend, and Network staff makes it a point to include sports that may not have been previously featured.

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Originally published on February 17, 2011