They're smart; they're swift.

Of the University's 10 Academic All-Ivy League athletes named for Fall 1998, eight have GPAs of 3.5 or better, and four have GPAs exceeding 3.7. Wow. So here's to (top row, left to right) Elana Gold (C'00), tennis; Brent Neiman (EAS'99), golf; Brian Cosmello (C'00), football; and (bottom row, left to right) Josh Brogadir (C'99), sprint football; Amy Johnson (C'99), field hockey; Emily Goodman (C'00), soccer, and KC Potter (C'00), volleyball. But that's not all. Not shown are Matt Rader (W'99), football; Maureen Flynn (C'00), field hockey; and Jordan Szekely (C'99), tennis. Everyone of them has an athletic record for the books: For example there's football player Rader's second place on the all-time Penn list for yards thrown in a career - 3,858 yards - plus 336 career completions and 568 passing attempts. He made the All-Ivy second team this year, as did Cosmello. In field hockey, Maureen Flynn made the first team in both the All-Ivy League and the All-Mid-Atlantic Region All-America, and Johnson is a three-time NFHCA Academic All-American and a two-year starter.

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Originally published on January 28, 1999