Our favorite CDs of 1998

So, of the thousands of new titles that poured into the record stores last year, which ones did Penn students like best? Our small sample suggests that there's no clear favorite, though the Dave Matthews Band appears to have some wide appeal. Our sample also suggests that Penn students don't always choose the most popular or the most commercial in their musical tastes. But then again, who defines "commercial" better than the Material Girl herself, still putting out after all these years?

  • Tom Atkins, College, Class of '99
    "I think Ramstein's 'Du Hast' is the best CD of 1998. I mean, German industrial heavy metal. Can you get any better than that? And the fact that all of their songs are in German is really cool, 'cause German is such a harsh language, so it really goes well with the music."

  • Melissa Kaufman, Wharton, Class of '01
    "I guess I would have to say Dave Matthews Band's 'Live at Red Rocks' CD, since I listen to it constantly. It's the best compliation of their songs that I love, and it's incredible. DMB is great in concert, and the CD is just as good."

  • Patricia Walshaw, College, Class of '01
    "Madonna, 'Ray of Light.' Why? Because she rocks. Her music's great to listen to and look at her: she's 40 and had a kid. If I look that good at 40, I'd better be a diva too so I can post my picture on CD covers."

  • Ilana Lam, College, Class of '01
    "It's gotta be the new Dave Matthews CD, 'Before These Crowded Streets.'"

  • David Scales, College, Class of '01
    "Bad Religion's 'No Substance.' Bad Religion usually has pretty good lyrics, and they usually have a good message that I can relate to. This was their latest album, and they are my favorite band."

  • Kelly McKenzie, Wharton, Class of '01
    "'Pat Magee Band.' It's that kind of CD that you can pop in after a long day and it reminds you of sitting on the porch on a warm summer day."

  • Julie Gershwin, Engineering, Class of '00
    "The 'Titanic' soundtrack. It's mostly pretty mellow, cause it's mainly the fife or whatever that instrument is. It's really relaxing and makes studying easier."

  • Ted Mann, College, Class of '99
    "Radiohead's 'OK Computer.' They are badass. But the Counterparts version of 'Karma Police' was even better."

  • Ana Mends, College, Class of '99
    "Sarah MacLachlan's new CD, because it has beautiful lyrics."

    -Charity Fox

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Originally published on January 28, 1999