Honoring Penn's Models of Excellence

Winners of Penn’s 2011 Models of Excellence Awards will be honored at a ceremony and reception on Thursday, March 31, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, and all members of the University community are invited to celebrate the recipients’ accomplishments.

Honoring Penn's Models of Excellence

The annual awards recognize staff members who have shown exceptional initiative, leadership, collaboration and commitment to service, and also serve as role models for others. Those interested in attending the ceremony should contact the Division of Human Resources at 215-898-1012 or email QOWL@hr.upenn.edu. You must enable Javascript in your browser to access the email address.

This year’s Models of Excellence Award winners are:

• The ARIES (Animal Research Information Electronic Submission) Team: This team increased research productivity by designing an interactive web-based system for managing the use of animals in research. Team members include: Information Systems & Computing: Stuart Benoff, Shea D. Hammond, Erik Hayes, Anome Mammes. Also, Lisa M. Panchella and Deyanira Santiago of the Office of Regulatory Affairs.

• Eric Baratta of the School of Arts and Sciences: Baratta supports faculty and students in all aspects of Theatre Arts’ academic activities, including event management, technical direction, development of promotional materials, cost management, and oversight of all productions.

• Antonio Michael Cosby of the Business Services Division: Cosby has been a Penn Dining staff member for 40 years and is a leading role-model and mentor for the "Start on Success" training program for disadvantaged youth.

• Ty A. Furman, director of the University Life Arts Initiatives: Furman has significantly enriched the arts communities at Penn and in the Philadelphia region by expanding artistic opportunities for students and fostering alliances with art communities throughout the city.

To learn more about the award winners and those awarded honorable mentions visit the Models of Excellence website.

Originally published on March 17, 2011